Instagram is one of the addictive social networks which allows you to share your images and the best moments. If you are an avid photographer or a photo blogger then you can easily add your Instagram photos to your WordPress blog.

Here I have hand-picked 5 of the best Instagram plugins for WordPress. These Instagram plugins will help you to share your images and beautiful moments on your WordPress website.

1. Simply Instagram


Simply Instagram is the easiest and popular plugin that enables you to share your Instagram photos in three endpoints with the help of shortcode for post/page or by using widget. The plugin comes with four built-in widgets like Recent Media Widget, User Info Widget, Latest Feed widget and currently popular widget.

To share your Instagram pictures with this plugin, it needs your Instagram Id and Access token. The plugin also allows you to configure the look and feel of Instagram pictures on your website. The plugin is integrated with jQuery lightbox plugin- prettyPhoto.

Features of Simply Instagram

  •  Support shortcode to display your Instagram pictures anywhere on your site.
  • Custom slideshow theme.
  • User-defined autoplay slideshow.
  • Option to display your profile in widget.
  • User can define animation speed when using slideshow.
  • Follow @username function which allows your visitor to follow you in instant.

Download Simply Instagram

2. Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram


Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram is an excellent Instagram plugin available for WordPress that allows you to display your Instagram pictures on your WordPress website by retrieving them from Instagram user or tag. The photos that you’ve added on your WordPress website are linked with your Instagram page or any specific URL.

The plugin is very flexible and lightweight and had built-in jQuery scripts of WordPress. The plugin is shortcode generator that generates shortcode that can be used anywhere in your post, page or widget.

Features of Alpine PhotoTile for Instagram

  • Offers multiple styles for customization.
  • Integrated with lightbox plugin like Fancybox, prettyBox, or ColorBox for interactive slideshow.
  • Feed caching/storage for improved page loading.
  • Simple instructions for adding users and customization features.

Download Alpine PhotoTile fro Instagram

3. Instagrate to WordPress


Instagrate to WordPress is another amazing plugin that automatically integrates your Instagram account with your WordPress blog. Once your Instagram and your WordPress blog is integrated, the plugin will automatically creates a new post with your each photo on Instagram.

Every time when user visits your site, he’ll see a different post with different post. You just need to install and activate the plugin and your work is done.

Features of Instagrate to WordPress

  • Option to set the last image in the feed so all later images will be posted.
  • Helpful feed of images in Admin screen.
  • Automatic integration with your WordPress account and post images automatically.
  • Does not store your Instagram username and Password.

Download Instagrate for WordPress

4. Simple Instagram


Simple Instagram enables you to display your Instagram information, images, video etc. on your website. The plugin offers you two option to integrate your Instagram with WordPress. One is by using shortcode within your posts and second one is by including widgets in the sidebar.

The plugin comes with step by step guide to make the installation easier for you. It also uses PHP API of Instagram, so you don’t need to worry about Javascripts.

Feature of Simple Instagram

  • Option of profile widget and shortcode that gives basic information about an account.
  • Both widgets and shortcode provide same style of output i.e. grid style.

Download Simple Instagram

5. WP Instagram Widget


WP Instagram Widget is an easy to use Instagram plugin available for WordPress that allows you to showcase the latest photos from your Instagram to your WordPress website. The plugin does not need any login details of your Instagram account. It simply integrates your WordPress website with Instagram and do its work.

Features of WP Instagram Widget

  • The plugin does not provide any CSS/style. You can add your own CSS/style to set the widget according to your theme.
  • Cache where possible.
  • Easy and simple setup.
  • Use sensible and simple markup.

Download WP Instagram Widget

The above mentioned plugins are some of the best options to integrate Instagram with your WordPress website. Do you have any favorite Instagram plugin? Please share with us.

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