At times, you might need to add a custom Google map for your business or client site. Embedding a Google map for currently marked location is easy. But, for a custom map you will need to follow a different approach. And here we help you with that.

To add a custom map to your website, first you need to visit Google Maps Engine. Now click on Create a new map button to create new one or click on Open a map button to open existing one.

The above screenshot is for creating a new map. Once your map is fully loaded, click on share button in the upper right corner.

Once you’ve clicked on Share option a pop up window will appear like below screenshot:

You can see in the above screenshot that only you can access this map. Nobody else can see this map. To make it public, simply click on Change option and change it to public so that everyone can see your map.

Now click on Save button and close the window.

Now click on the green symbol shown in the map and Click on Add to map option as shown in below screenshot:

This will add your desired location to the map. Click on the folder option in the upper left corner.


There you’ll see different options. Select Embed on my site option. Once you’ve selected this option, a pop up window will appear like this:

In this pop up window you’ll see a code start from <iframe. Copy that code and paste it into text editor of your post or page. After doing this click on Save Draft button to publish it later or simply publish it. Once you’ve published the post or page you’ll see the result like this:

That’s all. Google Maps is successfully embedded to your WordPress website.