Contact form must be top priority when you setting up a new website. A contact form is one of the most important element for any business website that helps you user to get in touch with you. These contact forms are the best way to connect the readers from your website.

There are tons of contact forms plugin available that make it easy to build a contact form of any type on your website. But among these plugins only few are best and effective. So, we take a look at 6 best free contact form plugins for WordPress to create beautiful forms on your website.

1. Contact Form 7


Contact Form 7 is far the most popular and the best contact form plugin for WordPress. The plugin is very easy to use and allows you to create multiple contact forms and insert them on any page, post and widget. Contact Form 7 is a flexible plugin that supports Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering and field upload capabilities.

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Features of Contact Form 7

  • Easy to use plugin.
  • Allow you to create multiple contact form.
  • Large number of plugins are available that integrate with Contact Form 7.
  • Customization of form and mail contents with simple markups.

Download Contact Form 7

2. Fast Secure Contact Form


Fast secure Contact Form is one of the easiest plugin to create contact forms. The plugin allows you to create and edit multiple contact forms and also blocks all automated spammers. There is backup/restore tool is available with this plugin. You can easily create a backup of all your contact forms and also restore them.

Features of Fast Secure Contact Form

  • You can easily add, remove and reorder the fields in your form.
  • Send Email to single or multiple contacts.
  • Plenty of extra fields are available like:  text, textarea, checkbox, checkbox-multiple, radio, select, select-multiple, attachment, date, time, hidden, password, and fieldset.
  • The plugin also saves emails to the WordPress database or export to CSV or EXCEL.

Download Fast Secure Contact Form

 3. Visual Form Builder


Visual Form Builder is a free contact form plugin that provides you an easy interface and allows you to build and manage all kinds of forms for your website. You can add, remove and re-order any field with just 1 click. The plugin is fully functional so there is no need to write any HTML, CSS and PHP. The plugin will build your contact form in a few minutes. For more features, you can also upgrade premium version of this plugin.

Features of Visual Form Builder

  • Allow drag and drop re-ordering.
  • Automatically stores form entries in your database.
  • Offer Anti-spam solution.
  • Send form submission to multiple .
  • Create shortcode and can be used in any post or page.
  • Also manage form entries in WordPress dashboard.

 Download Visual Form Builder

4. Contact Form


Contact form by Bestwebsoft is an extremely easy plugin that allows you to build feedback form for a web-page or a post without any additional settings. Though there are lots of options available for settings. Simply activate the plugin and paste the shortcode in your post or page. The premium version of the plugin also available with lot more features.

Features of Contact Form

  • You can add a field for file attachment.
  • Ability to send the copy of the form to the user who field the form.
  • Ability to change the label where fields are displayed.

Download Contact Form by Bestwebsoft

5. Easy Contact Forms


Easy Contact form is a visitors friendly plugin with an easy interface. The plugin allows you to easily build your contact form. The plugin provides you reasonable anti-spam protection and several validation layers to protect your website. If you need one or more contact form then you can also add multiple forms to your website.

Features of Easy Contact Forms

  • Various contact form field types and field customization tools.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Multiple contact form management.
  • Advanced contact form entry management tool.

Download Easy Contact Forms 

6. Ninja Forms


Ninja Form is one of the best plugin to create contact forms. You can create contact forms within a minute by using Ninja Forms powerful form creation page. The plugin offers you drag and drop interface that allows you to create complex forms. The form you created with this plugin includes validation feature that validates only right data is entered in the form.

Ninja Forms also offers several paid add-ons to improve the functionality.

Features of Ninja Forms

  • You can save your favorite fields and save them to use in multiple forms.
  • Custom input masks feature that allows you to restrict user input in your from for the things like phone number, dates etc.
  • Developer friendly plugin.
  • Anti-spam field.
  • Customize form emails with WordPress editor.

Download Ninja Forms

Now that I have listed 6 excellent options that helps you to create any type of form on your website. All the above plugins are best but Contact Form 7 is one of the best and easy plugin for small websites.

What about you? Which is your favorite contact form plugin? Please share with us.

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