The weakest point in the security of your online accounts is generally a Password. Almost every website where you have to create your online account provides you password option to secure your content.

But what if someone is able to guess and retrieve your password? They can easily bypass almost every security measure available on your site. They can then make any type of changes they wish to make on your website.


According to the estimation, 23.2% of all websites running on some version of WordPress have been targeted for some malicious activity.


Firstly you will do everything to make your WordPress Password secure. The better WordPress plugin will let you do this thing quickly and easily.

The two plugins that secure your WordPress Password are: Strong Password Generator and Expire Passwords.


  1. Strong Password Generator: Help you to generate strong passwords and,
  2. Expire Passwords: Provide an option to users to change their passwords on a regular basis.


This article will provide you intro of these plugins and also how will they help you to secure your WordPress Password.


Expire Passwords

This is the fact that if you have more active login accounts on your site, then there are more and more opportunities for their break-in. And once your site has been hacked, hacker can easily bypass all of your security measures and do some real time damages.


Expire Passwords is a WordPress plugin that allows user to change their passwords on the regular basis. The plugin reduces risk of unauthorized access from the fake users by allowing user to reset their password on the regular basis.


The plugin is mainly designed by keeping the security of banking, government and healthcare websites in mind. These websites are those ones where security regulations are very important.


The plugin will help you to:

  1. Maintain freshness of passwords on a regular basis.
  2. Reduce risks of unauthorized access.
  3. Keep all the stale users away from your website.


How to reset Password on regular basis with Expire Passwords plugin?

Here are some steps to install Expire Passwords plugin and reset password with it.

Step 1: Install and activate the plugin. Click on Plugins >> Add new and install and activate this plugin.

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Step 2: Click on Users >> Expire Passwords and set the number of days user are allowed to use same WordPress password. Meanwhile, set users who will be required to reset their WordPress password regularly.


Sometime, user don’t want to change their WordPress password on the regular basis. They just want some strong passwords to secure their WordPress account. So, here is another plugin that will help user to generate Strong Password.


Strong Password Generator

Generating a strong password is more easier than reset a password on a regular basis.


Strong Password Generator is a WordPress plugin that allows user to generate strong WordPress passwords to secure their WordPress Admin area.

This plugin is considered to be the best defence plugin to for maintaining a secure website. The user don’t need to think about the strong WordPress password. This plugin will generate one for them very easily.


How to generate strong passwords from Strong Password Generator Plugin?

Here are some steps that are to be followed to generate strong WordPress password with this plugin:

Step 1: Click on Plugins >> Add New and install and activate the Strong Password Generator plugin.

Step 2: You can change password when you first install the WordPress. After that you can generate strong password by clicking on Users >> Your Profile.



Once you’ve generated your password, it will appear just below the length indicator. This generated WordPress password will be very strong in strength.



Both the above mentioned plugins are the best plugins to make your WordPress Secure. WordPress security has been a very hot topic from the past few years. And the security is all about Password.

If you want to be your site safe and secure then use above mentioned plugins and make your WordPress password secure.

What do you think about WordPress Password security? Please share with us. 🙂


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